“Hi Judith,

 I have had my final session with Alan Wise (CBT) today and wanted to send you a quick email to be sent to him and the company that employs him.

I wanted to say how much he has helped me and how I can now look to the future with a sense of excitement about the opportunities I could have. He has helped me deal with the events from three years ago and I can now look upon that time with a calm outlook and no longer suffer the emotional content they hold.

Going forward he has equipped me with the necessary tools to combat any negativity I may face. I now look toward the point this claim is all finished and I can get my life back on track and can start implementing the things Alan and myself have talked about.

Again I thank you, Alan – from me and my family.”

​- Patient

“I have the pleasure in recommending the services of Mr Alan Wise, who has been helping numerous employees to give up smoking. The success of these people led me to seek help for a weight problem.

I have nothing but praise for the hypnotherapy and psychotherapy I have received which has enabled me to lose two stone so far with relative ease. The freedom from the vicious circle of conventional ‘diets’ has contributed to the general feeling of positive energy, and increased self-confidence and esteem that I now feel.

I am aware that Mr Wise is also helping colleagues tackle stress problems and confidence building. My parents have also recently sought help and have been delighted with the results. I have no hesitation in recommending him to you. If I can offer further information, I have no objection in being contacted.”

Miss Rossina Plows
Directorate Nurse (Surgery)
NHS Trust

“I have known Alan Wise, for over ten years, and worked with him for much of that time.

Mr Wise acted as a mentor during a period of post-graduate study, providing me with valuable input and guidance relating to the psychological and psychotherapy areas of my studies. Subsequently, I worked with Mr Alan Wise as an associate in the field of medico-legal assessment reporting.

I have always found Mr Wise reliable as an associate, and from the work I have done with him, and case I have read which he has been involved in or fully prepared, I consider him both expert and professional. His Curriculum Vitae is impressive in its range of experience and active participation in different psychological treatments. His interest in extending the benefits of psychological input is similarly appreciated, to date ranging from radio, to newspapers, to lectures.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Alan Wise for, or supporting his application to a post as a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, or medico-legal assessor.”

Lenora Jones

Bsc (Hons) Psych,

MSc Psychological & Psychiatric Anthropology

Psychologist Anthropologist 

"I would recommend him to anyone..."

“We have worked with Mr Wise for over 10 years; he has provided over 100 medical reports on psychological injuries and provided CBT for clients that are in need of treatment.

Mr Wise always offers a high quality service and ensures that the client’s recovery is always the number one priority. Mr Wise’s personable and professional approach to his work is the reason why we continue to use his services and would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.”

- Fastrack Medical Services Limited

“I am writing to thank you for arranging Mr Alan Wise to help me through my flashbacks, nervousness, depression and fear of driving. Yesterday was my last session with Mr Wise. 

His dedication, his ability, and his on-going care in helping me has succeeded in giving me the strength in dealing with my emotions, in understanding and coping with fears, and in general giving me confidence to sit behind a wheel again. A truly remarkable gentleman!

Only too often does one take the time to write a complaining letter. In this instance I felt warmheartedly to write to you this thank you letter.”

​- Patient

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